Fall Family Room Tour 2017

It’s almost fall y’all…even though this heatwave feels like summer will never end!  This Labor Day weekend was a great time to shop for fall home decor items! I even took a little “field trip” to Kirkland’s- a home decor store that I had never been to before. Checkout my fall family room tour video to see how I decorated my family room this year.

Stay busy being fabulous,

Kery B.

DIY Coffee & Tea Station

DIY Coffee & Tea Station DIY Coffee & Tea Station I enjoy having coffee or tea in the morning but, I also enjoy a nice cup of coffee at night after dinner!  I usually drink decaf so I am able to go to sleep without a problem. On most mornings,  I am rushing out of the house and I don’t have time to stop for coffee, so I decided to setup a DIY Coffee & Tea Station that is functional and saves money…bye, bye Starbucks, lol! Checkout my quick video to see how I put everything together.

Stay busy being fabulous,

Kery B.

Floral Arrangement Demonstration Video

I have really enjoyed trying new techniques with my floral arrangements! This time I used grocery store flowers with a tea leaf wrapped in the vase to create a beautiful arrangement. I was in a passionate purple and blue mood this week…checkout my video!

Stay busy being fabulous,

Kery B.

Sip and Sew-Work It Wednesday!

Sip and Sew

I finally had an opportunity to take another sewing class!  If you have been following my blog, you know I decorated a sewing space in my daughter’s room and took my first class last year. You can checkout my sewing room here.  Unfortunately,  I have not touched my sewing machine in months!  So when my sister mentioned that she was taking a class called Sip and Sew with Stitched By Shay… I jumped at the opportunity! Continue reading

Bamboo Bag-Work It Wednesday!

Bamboo bagWhen I went to the Loft website yesterday it said 97 days of summer! It was nice to see that reminder because if you go into the stores, all you see are Back to School signs and fall items already! I am not ready to let go of summer or my vacation yet, so it was great to find this flowery off the shoulder dress and this fabulous bamboo bag.  This bamboo bag is perfect to carry all summer long and a great reminder that summer is still in full bloom! Continue reading

Recipe Review: Shrimp Boil and Foil Packets

Shrimp Boil and Foil PacketsSo our old barbecue grill finally gave out after 15 years of grilling! I loved that grill but, it was definitely time to get a new one. After looking around at different models, we decided to go with the Weber Spirit. We got it at Lowe’s with free assembly and delivery so we were happy campers! After the grill was delivered,  I could not wait to fire it up and try this Shrimp Boil and Foil Packets recipe I saw on Facebook! Continue reading

How to Throw A Flamingo Pool Party!

Let’s Flamingle! This was the theme for my flamingo themed pool party that I hosted to raise money for a great charity, promote my wine tasting business, and just have fun! Take a look at my video to see how to throw a fabulous flamingo pool party!