3 Steps To Make A Fabulous Mimosa Bar!

3 Steps To Make A Fabulous Mimosa Bar!Who says mimosas are just for a fancy brunch!  This popular drink has evolved into a refreshing cocktail that you can have anytime and boy has it grown way pass just orange juice and Champagne! Continue reading this blog post to see my 3 steps to make a fabulous mimosa bar! Perfect for your next bridal shower, baby shower, or any occasion and you can do it on a budget! Let’s get this party started!3 Steps To Make A Fabulous Mimosa Bar!Step One: You gotta have the Bubbly!  Select your favorite Champagne or Brut!  The difference between Champagne and Brut is Champagne comes from the Champagne region of France and Brut is a sparkling wine just like Champagne but often from a different region. You can also use Prosecco which is an Italian sparkling wine!3 Steps To Make A Fabulous Mimosa Bar!My personal favorite is ONEHOPE Brut! Not just because I happen to sell this amazing wine…but because it is delicious!  It is not too dry and not too sweet, the perfect balance for a mimosa!  They also come in these adorable glitter bottles!  Glitter just spells fun! You can browse my storefront to see all of the amazing varietals ONEHOPE has to offer here.

3 Steps To Make A Fabulous Mimosa Bar!Step Two: You will need Champagne glasses, a few of your favorite juices and fresh fruit to garnish! You can set up everything on your kitchen counter, coffee table, bar cart, or you can use a console table like this one I found at Home Goods! I use it indoors or outdoors whenever I  have a party.  You can get a set of 12 champagne glasses from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $9.99 and don’t forget that coupon to save even more! ( Link to Champagne glasses here.)  The small juice carafe bottles were one dollar each from my local Dollar Depot Store!

You can find a nice variety of juice blends at your local grocery store or The 99 Cent Store!  For a group of up to about 15 people, one bottle of each juice is fine, you only need a splash for Mimosas!  For my fruit, I selected blueberries, raspberries, mangos, and strawberries! However, you don’t have to have that many and you can pick whatever fruit you like just make it easy to pick up and colorful!3 Steps To Make A Fabulous Mimosa Bar!Step Three: Add Festive Decorations that incorporate simple directions for making a delicious Mimosa!  My fun decorations are mostly from The Dollar Tree! Streamers, balloons, and tissue paper flowers-remember those from elementary school, LOL!  My “Cheers” sign was $5.00 from Party City- left over from New Year’s Eve! You can checkout my video on how to make my simple paper streamer backdrop here.3 Steps To Make A Fabulous Mimosa Bar!3 Steps To Make A Fabulous Mimosa Bar!My daughter found this Mimosa Bar sign with instructions on Pinterest! We just printed it out and used a frame from Dollar Tree to display it!  Speaking of my daughter…we created this Mimosa Bar for her Vision Board Party she hosted as a part of her brand- The Fab Grad!  I am so proud of all of the amazing “twenty-something” ladies I had a chance to meet at the event!3 Steps To Make A Fabulous Mimosa Bar!The Fab Grad is my daughter’s blog and YouTube channel designed especially for recent college graduates and those interested in how to navigate life after college!   For great content and more information, you can checkout her blog- The Fab Grad, here! 

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Happy New Year & Two Year Blogiversary- A Year In Review!

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The Holidays with Kery B. & Friends!

I love to see all of the Christmas lights in my neighborhood!  When I was little, my parents would let my sister and I hop into the car in our pajamas with a pillow and blanket, then we would drive around the city looking at Christmas lights!  It was like an animated bedtime story and one of our favorite family traditions!

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with my girlfriends about holiday traditions. We had a great conversation and I just had to share these beautiful pictures of Debbie’s Christmas decor and the creative Christmas decorations from her church! I love sharing decorating ideas and I hope you enjoy this little peek into The Holidays with Kery B. & Friends! 

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DIY Hot Cocoa Bar

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is making cookies for Santa with my nieces on Christmas Eve!  We love to decorate our cookies and sip cocoa while listening to Christmas music. This simple DIY hot cocoa bar is the perfect way to have everything ready in one place. Checkout this video to see how I use my three tier stand to set everything up.  You can also checkout my post from last year for another way to set up your beverage station, here

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