How to Dress for Fall When It Still Feels Like Summer!

How to dress for fall when it still feels like summer!My wreath is on the door, my faux fall leaves are wrapped around my topiaries, and I am ready to pick up my pumpkins…just one small problem, it is 100 degrees! California is having a heatwave and it is hard to think about fall decorating when it still feels like summer! Not to mention how to dress for work and still look professional.  Let’s chat about how to dress for fall when it still feels like summer!

First, go sleeveless!

how to dress for fall when it still feels like summer!

This is a great way to stay cool and still look professional. Just ask our first lady Michelle Obama, she is the queen of fashionable, sophisticated, sleeveless shirts and dresses. Stunning!

how to dress for fall when it still feels like summer!
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If you work in an office that gets cold or requires you to wear a jacket. Choose a light jacket or cardigan in a fun fall color! I love this golden bell sleeve jacket from Ann Taylor Loft. It goes with so many outfits. You can dress it up or down!

how to dress for fall when it still feels like summer!

Second, wear fall colors in cool fabrics!

Golden browns, burgundy, orange, dark blues and greens are great colors for fall. I like to mix different colors that are in the same tone and have fun with gold accents in my jewelry. I even like to change my nail color to match the season.  I was in an “ink blue” mood this week!

how to dress for fall when it still feels like summer!
Jacket-Ann Taylor Loft, Blouse-Ann Taylor Loft, Pants-Banana Republic.

Finally, a great pair of brown or neutral tone shoes will go with everything! I like the peep toe pump. It’s like an “almost sandal” that you can wear year round.

how to dress for fall when it still feels like summer!
Shoes-Guess via DSW

I hope these tips will help you stay cool and still be in the fall spirit!  At the end of the day, just be comfortable and have fun mixing your summer favorites with a few fall picks!

how to dress for fall when it still feels like summer!

Stay busy being fabulous,

-Kery B.


Movies, Books, and Restaurants!

I have been in a “blog fog” lately not really knowing what to write about. Work has been very busy with the start of the school year and I have not been doing much… just eating, going to the movies, and catching up on my reading. So I decided to just blog about Movies, Books, and Restaurants!

The hubby and I love going to the movies! To the point that we keep a huge bag of peanut M&M’s ready to scoop up as our “movie candy” whenever we need it…don’t judge us!

Movies, Books, and Restaurants
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Fall Kitchen Tour

I am so excited….I made my first video!  I wanted to be brave and try something new with my blog so I decided to learn how to create and edit videos!  Well, after many hours and several failed attempts I finally finished my first fall kitchen tour video! I decided to make this video a fall kitchen tour because fall is my favorite season! I love the colors of fall, the cool crisp breezes, college football, and the comfy warm fashions!

I also enjoy decorating my home for every season and my favorite room in the house is my kitchen! I remodeled the kitchen about nine years ago and it is still holding up! Trust me… it has been through many family gatherings, science projects, and sticky hands! It is definitely the center of our home. I am thankful to God for all the years spent with family and friends in this kitchen.

Now this is my first video so it is definitely not perfect! The lighting is not the best and the music is too loud for my voice over LOL. Also, it looks a little blurry in full screen mode so it’s better to view with the mini screen. Overall,  I am happy with the result for my first time!  I hope you enjoy this fall kitchen tour, let me know what you think in the comments! Happy September!

Below is the link to the recipe for the 2 point Weight Watchers Pumpkin Muffins mentioned in the video. Enjoy!

Weight Watchers 2 Point Pumpkin Muffin Recipe

Stay busy being fabulous,

Kery B.


How I protect my skin with UNSUN

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How to Host Your Own Paint and Sip Party!

How to host your own paint and sip party

When I have an opportunity to get together and celebrate… I go all out! This month it was my turn to host book club, so it was the perfect opportunity to plan something fun! Occasionally, we don’t read a book and have an “activity” instead-don’t judge us, LOL!  Paint and sip parties are very popular now but usually you have to make reservations well in advance and it can be very pricey to rent a private space for a small group, so I decided to host my own paint and sip party right at home! Here is how to host your own paint and sip party: Continue reading