Terrific Tassels-Work It Wednesday!

Terrific Tassels I love finding a great pair of shoes! When I am shopping for shoes, I look for the three C’s: they have to be cute, comfortable, and cost effective. Luckily, these black strappy heels with terrific tassels fit the bill! I found them at Madewell a few months ago on sale for $40.00. They were on clearance in late January which is a great time to shop!

IMG_7265They are a soft comfortable suede that you can dress up or down. I decided to wear them with this casual embroidered blouse that also has tassels to create a look that works for a date night or lunch with your girlfriends.

FullSizeRender (10)

This blouse is from Old Navy and easy to wear with jeans for a fun casual look. Embroidery on blouses, skirts, and jeans are popular right now and add a cute accent to your outfit.

IMG_7267I am finally on spring break so I will make this post short and sweet!  I hope you are enjoying your week. Happy Wednesday!

Stay busy being fabulous,

Kery B.



Floral Dress-Work It Wednesday!

My daughter loves the movie, Devil Wears Prada! So when I told her that I was going to feature this floral dress for my next spring post she said, “Florals, for spring…groundbreaking.” We both laughed because I kinda remembered Meryl Streep saying this with a very unimpressed look at one of her staff meetings. She was very hard to impress, LOL! However, even though florals for spring are not new, they are classic and often a great choice for spring! Continue reading

Peekaboo Shoulder Top-Work It Wednesday!

Peekaboo Shoulder TopI have been looking at off the shoulder style tops for months!  However, every time I try one on,  it just does not look flattering!  I am starting to think that the off the shoulder look is just not for me, LOL! Then I decided to try this peekaboo shoulder top. It’s a little more subtle version of the off the shoulder look.  I think this one looked better on me and I liked the fit. It is also a bonus that you can wear a regular bra and not have to worry about the straps showing! Continue reading

It’s Tea Time- Los Angeles Community Church Annual Tea Table Competition

The votes are in and the tea tables were fabulous! The Los Angeles Community Church Annual Tea Table Competition was another huge success! This year, the event was held at the beautiful Knox Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles which was the perfect setting for this amazing event. The ladies came dressed and ready for tea! The table hostesses did a wonderful job with creative table designs and yummy food! It was the perfect way to kick-off spring! Everyone was a winner in this competition because the event supported an amazing charity called Forgotten Children, Inc. Their mission is to rescue, restore, educate and bring hope to victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The event was sponsored by The Cochran Firm and supported by various local vendors. The afternoon was filled with beautiful music, fellowship, sisterhood, and a moving  message on the power of prayer! Please enjoy some of the amazing pictures of the tea tables from this extraordinary event!

If you would like to see the pictures from last year’s tea table competition checkout the link to my post, here.

It's tea time

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Wine Tasting with Kery B Events

I will be 50 years old this year! Whoo hoo! I am so blessed and thankful to God for all that he has done for me!  As I get older, I find myself thinking more often about all the things that really count – family, friends, great life experiences, and hopefully an opportunity to make a difference.  I have decided that the next phase in my life will be filled with doing more of what I love!  So when I discovered the company ONEHOPE Wine and its mission to give 50% of its profits to causes like breast cancer awareness, supporting literacy for children, fighting childhood hunger, and so many more… I was sold! What could be better than gathering with family and friends, sipping delicious wine, and giving back to your favorite charity! That is why I am so passionate about my new business venture and so excited to launch Kery B. Events – wine tasting with a purpose!

I am expanding my brand through a fabulous partnership with viaONEHOPE wine to bring all of you amazing discounts and exclusive wine tasting events that give back to charity and support our community!  I invite you to view the pictures from my launch party and learn more about this wonderful opportunity to mix, mingle, and make an impact! I also encourage you to subscribe to my blog (if you haven’t already) so that you can be invited to my next exclusive wine tasting event. Enjoy!

Wine tasting With Kery B Events

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LA’s Best Sweet Treats You May Not Know About!

LA's Best Sweet Treats you may not know about.As a native of Los Angeles, California, I have had the opportunity to try some of the best desserts that LA has to offer!  From Beverly Hills to the beach cities, there is no shortage of great places to eat and try different sweet treats! However, I have found that some of the best places to find a tasty treat are often not at fancy restaurants or the latest A-list hot spots. Some of LA’s Best desserts are right in your neighborhood or in places you may not expect! Here are a few of LA’s best sweet treats you may not know about! Continue reading