Confessions of A Tired Mom!

Confessions of A Tired MomHave you ever pulled up to your own house and decided to stay in the driveway for a “gooood” while just to have some peace and quiet ?
Confessions of a tired Mom
Sometimes you just need a minute before you go inside and hear “Mommy, what’s for dinner?” or “Mom, I need your help with something!” or “Thank God you are home because….”
These are just a few quotes from my twenty-something year old “kids” LOL!  These are the confessions of a tired mom!Confessions of a tired Mom
I was talking with a group of co-workers the other day, all moms with kids of various ages from little ones to big teens and one of the moms confessed, “Sometimes I just don’t go in the house right away and when they call my cellphone I say… yeah I am still on my way.”
We all cracked up laughing and soon we were all sharing our ” Mommy confessions.”
We had such a big laugh because we all thought we were the only ones that were guilty of “hiding” from our families at one time or another. Even though my kids are grown now, I can vividly remember needing a “moment” before I was hit with mommy duty! Most of the time I was the one picking them up after school so there was no escape! However, on those rare occasions when they were home before me… a little me time was priceless!

Confessions of a tired Mom
We love our families but, mommy duty is no joke! Sometimes you have to “steal” a little time for yourself. Here are a few things I like to do when I am “hiding” from my family:
1. Go to Home Goods

Confessions of a tired Mom
This is my happy place! Nothing like a stolen hour of kid-free browsing at Home Goods! Tip: if you buy something don’t forget to hide the packages in the car or they will know you were really out shopping instead of working late, LOL!
2. Get my nails done!

Confessions of a tired Mom
A quick manicure is great! Tip: Don’t get the pedicure if you have to wear those temporary flip flops. They will immediately know what you have been up to!
3. Stroll around Target

Confessions of a tired Mom
I like to go when it is not so crowded on a week night so I can enjoy the dollar spot in peace!
4. Have dessert before dinner!

Confessions of a tired Mom
I like to sneak a mini Susie Cakes cupcake or a scoop of ice cream all by myself. They will never know!
5. Just sit in my car!

Confessions of a tired Mom
I like to enjoy some music, browse Facebook, or chat with a friend that I never have time to call. Tip: Don’t stay too long in the car because they may look out the window and sneak up on you!

These are just of few of my “steal a little me time” tips! Don’t even get me started on how you can “forget” to mention you have a day off and enjoy a whole day to yourself! Stay tuned for a Mommy “hooky day” post, LOL!
I hope you have enjoyed this mommy confessions post! Share some of your mommy confessions in the comments, don’t worry I won’t tell!

Stay busy being fabulous,
Kery B.

6 thoughts on “Confessions of A Tired Mom!

  1. You are definitely not alone!! Don’t forget sneaking off to get a massage! I love that one every blue moon! Just wash off all that scented oil before you head home! It’s a dead giveaway! lol

  2. Allow the beautician to take other clients ahead of you so you can hide out at the hair salon even longer and chat with the girls and your hair dresser/therapist. 😀

  3. When I would pick my sons up from school, they would jump into the car, and the first thing out of their mouths was – What’s for dinner? That use to grate my nerves. Now they know better.

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