Hello March! Work it Wednesday!

Hello March! Work it Wednesday!It is just about time for the Los Angeles Community Church Annual Tea Table Competition! I love to see the beautiful tables and dress up for the event! This year, I found this cute dress that I think will be perfect for the occasion!

Hello March! Work it Wednesday!-2
I wanted something that was colorful yet sophisticated and I think the color blocking of this dress fits the bill! I love the hot pink and blue in the pattern, that seems to be my favorite color combination lately!

Hello March! Work it Wednesday!-3I found this dress at Nordstrom about a month ago and I already had these hot pink pumps that I got from Macy’s.

Hello March! Work it Wednesday!-4

Hello March! Work it Wednesday!-5
This year the tea competition should be amazing! Last year the ladies really went all out with the table decorations! If you missed the wonderful pictures, checkout my post of the beautiful tea tables from last year here!

Hello March! Work it Wednesday!-6I can’t wait to see what the ladies have in store this year! Follow my blog so you don’t miss my post with the beautiful pictures this month! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and a great first day of March!  Spring is almost here!  Hooray!!

Stay busy being fabulous,

Kery B.

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