How To Plan A Fabulous Girls’ Getaway Weekend!

how to plan a fabulous girls' getaway weekendWanna get away? Sometimes a girls’ getaway weekend is better than therapy! A little quality time with your girls and the world seems like a better place!  It is the perfect way to kick-off the start of the year! Here’s how to plan a fabulous girls’ getaway weekend!

  1. Choose a date that works for everyone! Sounds simple but, this can be the hardest part! Our book club has been trying to plan a girls’ getaway for years! It is so hard to find a weekend when everyone is free! Our lives are so busy that it can really take time and commitment just to agree on a date. However, once you have this covered the rest will come together pretty quickly!
  2. Pick a location! For us, we wanted to stay pretty close to Los Angeles so that those who could not stay for the whole weekend could drive out and join us for part of the trip. We also wanted a relaxing place that was not too far of a drive. Newport Beach turned out to be the perfect place! It is only about 45 minutes from Los Angeles, there are plenty of activities, and the beach is amazing! A link to Newport Beach Tourism Information, here.
  3. Decide on your budget and accommodations! We decided a budget-friendly weekend was the way to go! After all the holiday spending… why go overboard!  The Marriott Newport Villas was a nice and very affordable option.  There is a fully-equipped kitchen so we could make breakfast in the morning, we had an ocean view room and we only spent about $100 per person on our room for two nights, score! Quick Tip: It is great to go during the off season, prices are much more affordable. Link to hotel, here.img_6570
  4. Plan the itinerary well in advance but keep it simple!  Someone will need to take the lead! You need someone to make the hotel reservations, dinner reservations, buy tickets to movies or a show, find the best shopping malls, you pretty much need a party planner! Don’t worry, there is usually one or two ladies in the group who don’t mind planning the party! If you have been following my blog, you know I was all over it, LOL!
  5. Make your girlfriends feel special!  Life can be so hectic! For most woman, we are always taking care of everyone else and we rarely put ourselves first! So pamper your girlfriends with a swag bag filled with little thoughtful things for the trip!  Fun socks, snacks, spa items, and  a cute thank you note can really set the tone for a great weekend! You can find everything you need at the dollar store, you don’t have to spend a lot to make a memorable gift!fullsizerender-116img_6594
  6. Have a carefree, make-up free, relaxing good time! Eat what you want- calories don’t count on a girls’ weekend! Shop, have a slumber party, see a movie, play games, you can even make a signature cocktail! My girlfriend Michelle made a delicious Key Lime Pie Martini with a graham cracker crust rim to top it off! It was like a cocktail and dessert all in one, fabulous! Link to recipe, here. We even managed to make our Vision Boards for the year!  It was a great way to connect with each other and leave the trip with a positive focus and outlook for the year! If you would like more information on Vision Boards, checkout my previous post here.fullsizerender-113img_6589-2img_6607 fullsizerender-115fullsizerender-114

I hope this post encourages you to plan a little getaway with your girlfriends! It is so much fun and such a great way to celebrate friendship!

Stay busy being fabulous,

Kery B.

4 thoughts on “How To Plan A Fabulous Girls’ Getaway Weekend!

  1. I’m tipping my hat to you Kery and to Mackie for heading up the planning and coordination of a fabulous weekend. It was action packed and a whole lot of fun! I hope your post inspires other women “of a certain age” to get together and tap into the youthful “girlfriend” that’s still alive and well inside of them. Nothing like a good time dancing, laughing, sharing, eating, shopping, and just having a ball together with ladies you love to hang with while leaving all of the responsibilities everyday life on pause for a moment. I encourage Kery B. readers to do it too! – Deb

    1. Thank you Deb for the wonderful comment!! We had such a great time! I hope this becomes an annual event!
      Kery B. 😊

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