How To Plan A Fabulous Girls’ Night Out!


How to plan a fabulous girl's night outIf you haven’t gone out with your girlfriends in a long time…what are you waiting for? It is always the right time for a Girls’ Night Out (GNO)!  Whether it is sipping a glass of wine at book club or getting your groove on in the club, we all need a night off from work duty, mommy duty, wife duty, and other assigned duties to just have fun! So kick-off your heels and check out how to plan a fabulous Girls’ Night Out!

how to plan a fabulous girls night outWhen I thought about writing this post, the first thing that came to mind was my girlfriend Ursula and her fabulous GNO crew! I have known these ladies for quite some time and boy do they know how to do Girls’ Night Out right! Often dressed in chic color coordinated outfits, these ladies go to comedy clubs, restaurants, plays, and concerts. They have enjoyed the best of LA in style! Checkout some of their cute pics!

how to plan a fabulous girls night outThis guide will tell you the Who, What, and Where to planning a fabulous night out! So let’s get this party started!

First: Who should you invite? The rule is: Go with anyone who is ready to have a good time! This is not the time to hang with your girlfriend that always complains or changes her mind at the last minute… no “Debbie Downers”, LOL!  Having a great night takes a little planning and a lot of carefree fun, so go with cool people!  You don’t need a big group! Sometimes just one good “road dog” is all you need!  My last GNO was with my daughter, she can be a party animal, I am not sure where she got that from??  There are also great Girls’ Night Out social groups that meet up and go out on a regular basis. Often times, meeting new friends is part of the fun!

how to plan a fabulous girls night out

Next: Where should you go? There are so many fun places to go and things to do in Los Angeles or really any city. Whatever you like to do, there is probably something going on. I often go to the internet and “Google” whatever I am interested in doing. If you want to try a new restaurant, a play, or a hot new bar, there are often “best of ” lists that give you great ideas!  Recently, I checked out two cool restaurants/bars. One was, The Chestnut Club in Santa Monica and the other was The NightHawk Breakfast Bar in Marina Del Rey. Both of these places are fun spots to hangout with your girlfriends. NightHawk Breakfast Bar is good for a late night hangout that serves great kicked up breakfast food with entertaining, soulful music playing in the background. It is definitely a fun atmosphere, you’ll feel like you are in “the club”-minus the dance floor!  Next, The Chestnut Club is where my daughter and I went. It is a cool little pub in Santa Monica. While you enjoy one of their signature cocktails you can listen to old school R & B music playing in this hidden away space. Click on the links above for more information. By the way, both of these places are great for the 35+ crowd!

Finally, What should you wear? This is the fun part! I asked Ursula how they decide what to wear? She said they take turns planning each month, from the color scheme/theme to the activity or restaurant. The attire selection is centered around the type of activity. They like to dress so that their different personalities shine! Often times a cute top, heels, and jeans are the perfect pick!  I think the main thing is to be comfortable and feel fabulous! The best thing you can wear is confidence and a smile!

how to plan a fabulous girls night out

how to plan a fabulous girls night out

Well, that is the “Who, What, Where” for a fabulous Girls’ Night Out! Remember you are never too old to “party”… you just might go to bed a little earlier, LOL!  Thank you so much Ursula, Lisa, Sheronda, and Pam for sharing your fabulous pictures and great advice. What an awesome way to celebrate friendship and life!

Stay busy being fabulous,

Kery B.







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  1. Hi Kerry
    You and Simone look like twins
    So beautiful , look at that smile
    Blessed with a pretty and smart daughter
    Love and blessings
    Aunt Jack

  2. I love that they coordinate their clothes colors! Fun to say I am with the beautiful women in blue! You are so right, just a night out is a fun way to recharge with girlfriends.

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