Movies, Books, and Restaurants!

I have been in a “blog fog” lately not really knowing what to write about. Work has been very busy with the start of the school year and I have not been doing much… just eating, going to the movies, and catching up on my reading. So I decided to just blog about Movies, Books, and Restaurants!

The hubby and I love going to the movies! To the point that we keep a huge bag of peanut M&M’s ready to scoop up as our “movie candy” whenever we need it…don’t judge us!

Movies, Books, and Restaurants
We are also members of the AMC Stubs rewards club where we earn credits towards our ticket purchases, popcorn or other upgrades. We have earned quite a few credits this year!

Movies, Books, and Restaurants

We also like to try new restaurants. Nothing too fancy, just some new spots to add to our normal “What’s for dinner?” list when I occasionally  frequently decide not to cook.

Movies, Books, and Restaurants

When I am not doing “dinner and a movie” I enjoy reading or listening to books. I find that listening to a book in the car, on the plane, or on a morning walk is a great way to enjoy books when I am on the go. I use the website to download books. Your first book is free and after that you pay 14.95 per month. If you download books often it is a pretty good deal.

This week I thought I would share some of my recent picks for Movies, Books, and Restaurants:

Movies I have seen:

When the Bough Breaks

It was okay. A little predictable but it kept my attention to the very end!

Bad Moms

This movie was pretty funny! Kinda like a “Bridesmaids” type comedy. Great for a good laugh!

Hello My Name is Doris

This movie came out earlier this year and is now on Redbox and iTunes.  I did not know what to expect but, I love Sally Field! She is an amazing actress and this movie was really good. It was so quirky and funny, even the hubby liked it!

Movies I want to see:

Looks like a good one!

Books I am reading or listening to:
Kinky Coily A Natural Hair Resource Guide by Pamela Samuels Young

This book is a great resource guide for natural hair. Pamela shares her hair journey and offers so many tips and resources. In addition to her great natural hair book, she is also a bestselling author of a series of legal thrillers! I am currently reading:

Lawful Deception by Pamela Samuels Young

So far it is really good and very familiar as the setting is in Los Angeles close to my neighborhood! The author lives in Los Angeles so I am hoping she will be able to come to our book club for a reading or book signing.
Speaking of book club, this month we are reading The Sellout by Paul Betty

I just started listening to this book so I still have several hours to go. So far it is good and I hope to finish it before our meeting at the end of the month!

Restaurants I want to check out:
Comfort LA
Soul Food Restaurant
1110 E 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021
(213) 537-0844

My daughter and niece tried this place and said it was delicious! Looking forward to trying it soon!

Preux and Proper
840 S. Spring Street
Los Angeles CA 90014

My girlfriend mentioned she wanted to try this place and it is very close to my job downtown. I hear the brunch is really good. Hope to set a date with the ladies soon!
Writing this post has helped me get out of my “blog fog”!  Now I am inspired to try some new places and keep reading my books. I hope you feel a little inspired too!

Stay busy being fabulous,
Kery B.

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