DIY Sewing Room on a Budget


After taking my first sewing class, I was so excited to purchase my own sewing machine and even more excited about decorating a sewing room.  The only problem was, I had a small budget and a very small space!  Here is how I was able to create a cute sewing room with all the supplies for under $250.00 including the sewing machine!

Step One: Find a sewing machine at a great price. You can definitely find great deals on sewing machines online.  There is Amazon, eBay, and other discount shopping websites that have great deals.  However, I wanted to get started right away so I found the best deal at Walmart.  I was able to purchase a Brother sewing machine for $99.99.  I also purchased an extended three year warranty for just an additional $9.99.  The Brother sewing machine has all the basic features I needed as a beginner and the machine had great reviews. Sewing machine link here.

Sewing Machine with instructional video-$99.99
Complete Sewing Kit- $9.99 at Walmart

Step Two: Find a space for your sewing room. One of the advantages of being an empty nester is the kids’ rooms are empty! However, they come back folks! So you can not completely take over their rooms. You have to at least leave them a bed to sleep in. However, I think everything else is up for grabs!  So I decided to steal a little space in my daughter’s room… she never used that student desk anyway! Now, if you don’t have empty kids rooms, you can even use a laundry room or anywhere you can fit a table or desk.  For years my scrapbook/craft room was next to the dryer in the laundry room, LOL!

Daughter’s old desk and chair. Bookcase stolen from my son’s room (all it held was old trophies and storybooks anyway!)
Boy is this chair dirty. I see a DIY project in it’s future!

Step Three: Go shopping for cute stuff! I found this great dress form stand at my favorite place for decorating…. Home Goods. I also found cute storage items and decorative touches at JoAnn Fabric, Michael’s, and Fallas Discount Stores. There are so many cute ideas for decorating and storage on Pinterest(link here). Once you start looking you get addicted!

Dress form stand $49.99 at Home Goods
I added decorative labels to Mason jars to store buttons and zippers.
Matching sign and paper pattern at JoAnn’s Fabric- $40.00 for storage basket and decorative items.
Cute Owl lamp at Walmart for $29.99

Step Three: Buy some fabric and start sewing! I found great fabric at JoAnn Fabric and unique African fabrics at Africa by the Yard.  A boutique African fabric import shop located in Leimert Park. Great prices and it is nice to support our local businesses.


Here is the complete finished space!IMG_4245 IMG_4238 IMG_4237


I love my new sewing room.  It makes me smile and motivates me to sew!  The best part is, I stayed on budget and my daughter likes the space!  She thinks it adds a little style to her room.  I hope you enjoyed this blog and that it inspires you to make a creative space of your own! Subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss my latest sewing projects.

Stay busy being fabulous,

-Kery B.




16 thoughts on “DIY Sewing Room on a Budget

  1. Really cute Kery. Next thing and Simone will come home and it’ll be like the IKEA kitchen remodel commercial with the couple who expanded the kitchen using part of the away-at-college son’s room. “We just needed to take a little for the the kitchen.” LOL! I may have to join this sewing revolution. I’m inspired! Love ya! – Deb

    1. LOL! I felt like the parents in that commercial. It took me days to show her what I did to her room! So glad she liked it. You should definitely start sewing it is really fun. Thank you!
      -Kery B.

    1. Yes! In addition to Lilian’s mentioned in the blog, you can go to JoAnn Fabric. They have classes at the Torrance store frequently and they are pretty reasonable. Thank you for your comment.
      -Kery B.

  2. So awesome Kery!! Beautiful room and so happy for and a little jealous of you. I’ve been trying to learn to sew for over 20 years but have never devoted enough time to make a serious commitment to it. You motivate me! 🙂

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