5 Easy Tips When Packing Your Carry-On for a Business Trip

Nowadays, there is an art to packing, with all of the airport regulations you want to make sure to pack efficiently and still have everything you need. I like to have a lot of options to wear when I am traveling for business; you never know what might come up-a fancy dinner, weather changes, or just a drafty conference room. However, I still like to have just a carry-on. Here are my 5 easy tips for packing your carry-on for that next business trip:
1. Make sure that all of your toiletries are the correct size, nothing larger than 3.4 ounces allowed. There are great little travel size containers at Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Be sure to place them all in one little clear bag for easy removal.

2. Bring just one great comfortable pair of shoes...okay, two max. LOL. Shoes take up too must space. I love using my Kate Spade shoe bag ( thank you, Alison-BFF)  because it is cute and it reminds me to bring just one pair of comfy fabulous shoes.

3. Most business trips are only a few days, so pack light.
Two pairs of pants- black and grey, a “go-to” wrap dress, several tops, and a jacket/sweater is all that you need. Check the weather forecast before you leave.
4. Travel with a large purse or tote. It can hold your tablet or laptop. I try to take just a tablet for business trips. I never seem to need my full laptop. Most airlines let you have a purse/bag in addition to your carry-on.

5. Download your books on your phone before you go. It is convenient and you don’t have to worry about carrying books or buying magazines. Oh yeah, don’t forget to bring a snack. They don’t feed you much on the plane anymore.
I hope these tips were helpful.
Stay busy being fabulous,
-Kery B.

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