Super Snacks for the Super Bowl

I enjoy watching football and I love to tailgate! Whether we are watching at home or at the stadium cheering on my favorite team… Go Bruins! I like to decorate and set up a nice spread of yummy snacks and tasty treats.


Here are some of my favorite game time snacks: Honey-glazed chicken wings, Cheeseburger sliders, Hot crab dip, pizza snack mix, and a new favorite-chocolate chip cookies stuffed with an Oreo. Continue reading

Work it Wednesday!


So my husband/photographer would not stop making me laugh during our “photo shoot” this week.  So I decided to keep the silly picture on the right just for fun! This week I wanted to wear my pleated leather-okay pleather skirt.  It has been a little chilly, correction- “SoCal. chilly” this week and I could not wait to pull out my skirt!  I also love a blouse/sweater with a bow ladies!  Bows are so feminine and cute yet, they mean business! Continue reading

First time in Miami

I recently had the opportunity to visit Miami, Florida for the first time. What an amazing place! The sun, the sand, and great people!  Even though the weather was rainy and cloudy for several days, it was still warm and the sun did come out for most of the weekend.  My hubby was able to join me on the weekend and we caught the Art Deco Festival. What a cool event!  It was located in South Beach right on Ocean Drive.  The music, food, and art was wonderful.  It reminded me of a combination of Santa Monica and Venice Beach with a cultural mix that was so cool. Continue reading