My Natural Hair Journey Year One Update!

A look back at my natural hair journey!

It is hard to believe that it has been a little over a year since my big chop on August 30, 2015! There have been a lot of fears, tears, and twists (literally) along the way. Sometimes when I need a little motivation to keep up my hair routine, I take a look at my pictures and I am encouraged by the growth and improvement in the health of my hair. I found this picture of my hair a few months before I decided to cut it off! Continue reading

Natural Hair After 40

There is so much to discuss when it comes to hair! I could do several posts on just this topic alone. There are hundreds of blogs and videos dedicated to talking about natural hair; although, there is not as much information on natural hair AFTER 40. There are definitely some unique challenges we face with our hair as we age. While I am certainly not an expert on natural hair, I can share my experiences and challenges I have faced going natural after 40.

About a year ago, out of frustration with my thinning damaged and relaxed hair I decided to do the “Big Chop” and cut off all of my permed hair. Continue reading

Natural Hair Update

On August 30, 2015, I did the “Big Chop”- I cut off all my damaged thinning permed hair and decided to go natural. I must say, it has been such a learning process. I am reading books, watching videos, going to natural hair conferences, and experimenting with lots of products. There is so much information out there now. I will share some of my favorite books and products in another post.
Honestly, it takes a lot of work to look like “I woke up like this.” LOL However, my hair is much healthier, thicker, it’s growing and I feel so confident! Sometimes in life you have to let go to gain more.

Stay busy being fabulous,

-Kery B.

My hair growth in 4 months