The Holidays with Kery B. & Friends!

I love to see all of the Christmas lights in my neighborhood!  When I was little, my parents would let my sister and I hop into the car in our pajamas with a pillow and blanket, then we would drive around the city looking at Christmas lights!  It was like an animated bedtime story and one of our favorite family traditions!

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with my girlfriends about holiday traditions. We had a great conversation and I just had to share these beautiful pictures of Debbie’s Christmas decor and the creative Christmas decorations from her church! I love sharing decorating ideas and I hope you enjoy this little peek into The Holidays with Kery B. & Friends! 

I just love her neutral color scheme. I told Debbie, “It looks like the cover of a Pottery Barn magazine!”  The soothing gray and beige tones are so inviting and create a cozy yet sophisticated look!The beautiful ribbon and white lanterns add such an elegant touch. Debbie shared that she has collected these ornaments over the years including this beautiful black angel tree topper that continues to shine brightly year after year.!You don’t have to do much to create beautiful holiday decorations. Placing ornaments in a beautiful vase or apothecary jar is a simple and elegant way to make a holiday centerpiece. You can also place a wreath above your window or a mirror to create a nice focal point.Now, if you are feeling really creative, try some of these next ideas! How about a Christmas tree made out of Christmas presents! Perhaps, handmade ornaments with bible verses on them or maybe double the fun with two beautifully decorated Christmas trees to greet your family and friends.These are just some of the fabulous decorations featured at Los Angeles Community Church- 2100 West 54th Street in  Los Angeles. Wonderful church and  beautiful decorations that help us remember the reason for the season!  I hope you have enjoyed this post and that it has given you a few new ideas! What are your holiday traditions and favorite things?  Feel free to share in the comments and special thanks to Debbie for sharing with us!

Stay busy being fabulous,

Kery B.


8 thoughts on “The Holidays with Kery B. & Friends!

  1. My Dad would take us to Watts and we would drive around looking at lights. That was the place to go way back in the day!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I loves driving around my grandparents’ neighborhood in Detroit when I was young. The snow added an extra special touch! Debbie, your Christmas decor looks lovely!

  3. Thanks for the feature Kery. (Batting eyelashes and circling on pointed toe on the floor). LOL! Love it. Thanks for the wonderful compliments. I truly enjoy the Christmas season and decorating is one of the top joys! Hugs, Deb

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