Tieks-The Most Comfortable Shoes Come In A Little Blue Box!

Tieks- The Most Comfortable Shoes Come In A Little Blue Box!Nowadays, I pick my shoes based on comfort! I love flats but, they are sometimes too flat and start to hurt my feet! I do a lot of walking and travel often for work, so I am always on the hunt for comfortable shoes that travel well. Eureka! I found the most comfortable shoes and they come in a little blue box!

Tieks- The Most Comfortable Shoes

Tieks fold up so they are perfect for travel! You can stick them in your purse and slip them on and off easily at the airport. Now, let me tell you up front, these little ballet flats are not cheap! They range from $175-$295 depending on the color and design!  However, as much as I like a bargain,  I am willing to invest in a quality leather shoe that is comfortable on my feet!Tieks-The Most Comfortable ShoesI have to say,  I was really nervous about ordering them online without trying them on first!  However, they have a great return policy and the service was amazing!  They arrived on time in a beautiful blue box with a flower ribbon band wrapped around it. I really loved the nice handwritten personal note they sent with the shoes, sometimes it is the little things that count!

Tieks- The Most Comfortable ShoesThe real test was trying them on and making sure they fit comfortably!  Tieks do not come in half sizes, so you will need to go up or down depending on what you normally select. I decided to go up a half size and they fit perfectly!  I ordered the black matte leather so that they would go with everything! However, now that I know how comfortable they are, I would love to order other colors. They come in quite the rainbow of colors! Checkout their website, here.

Tieks- The Most Comfortable Shoes

Tieks- The Most Comfortable Shoes

Tieks- The Most Comfortable ShoesI walked all over Boston and Los Angeles in the last two months in my Tieks and they were  super comfortable!  I think they were worth the investment! I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Stay busy being fabulous,

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