DIY Coffee & Tea Station

DIY Coffee & Tea Station DIY Coffee & Tea Station I enjoy having coffee or tea in the morning but, I also enjoy a nice cup of coffee at night after dinner!  I usually drink decaf so I am able to go to sleep without a problem. On most mornings,  I am rushing out of the house and I don’t have time to stop for coffee, so I decided to setup a DIY Coffee & Tea Station that is functional and saves money…bye, bye Starbucks, lol! Checkout my quick video to see how I put everything together.

Stay busy being fabulous,

Kery B.

2 thoughts on “DIY Coffee & Tea Station

  1. Kery, you are so creative and talented
    Look forward to hearing from you each week
    Your blogs are so inspirational and they help us
    to remember that is Life is beautiful .and we. play a part in helping to make
    It beautiful,
    Love Aunt Jack

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