How to Throw A Flamingo Pool Party!

Let’s Flamingle! This was the theme for my flamingo themed pool party that I hosted to raise money for a great charity, promote my wine tasting business, and just have fun! Take a look at my video to see how to throw a fabulous flamingo pool party!

6 thoughts on “How to Throw A Flamingo Pool Party!

  1. Good Karma
    Your mom collected flamingos
    Bonnie had them all over her kitchen
    She had art work on the walls of flamingos
    We went to the zoo to observe them in the natural
    Every thing was flamingos
    Your party was beautiful . Bonnie is smiling
    Aunt Jack

    1. Yes Kathe reminded me that Mommy loved flamingos now I know why I was so attracted to them. Good karma for sure! Love you Aunt Jack πŸ™‚
      Kery B.

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