LA’s Best Sweet Treats You May Not Know About!

LA's Best Sweet Treats you may not know about.As a native of Los Angeles, California, I have had the opportunity to try some of the best desserts that LA has to offer!  From Beverly Hills to the beach cities, there is no shortage of great places to eat and try different sweet treats! However, I have found that some of the best places to find a tasty treat are often not at fancy restaurants or the latest A-list hot spots. Some of LA’s Best desserts are right in your neighborhood or in places you may not expect! Here are a few of LA’s best sweet treats you may not know about! Continue reading

How To Style A Sweatshirt and Look Fabulous!

How to style a sweatshirt and look fabulousHello February! I was so excited to find this cute little red heart sweatshirt from H&M! It is perfect for a casual Valentine’s Day outing and the best part is it was only seven bucks, score! Sweatshirts have become pretty fancy now!  They have all kinds of embellishments, cute quotes, and interesting designs. Here are my tips on how to style a sweatshirt and look fabulous! Continue reading