Happy New Year and Happy Blogiversary To Me!

Happy New Year and Happy Blogiversary

How was your New Year’s Eve? This picture with a quote from Kate Spade describes my night perfectly! “She had a cocktail in her hand and confetti in her hair!” When I saw this picture at Home Goods I just had to have it! I definitely have a lot to be thankful for and celebrate! Family, friends, health, and my one year Blogiversary!!!

Happy New Year and happy Blogiversary

I can’t believe it has already been a year since I nervously pressed the “publish” button on my first blog post! I was anxious but excited to start this blog and I was not sure what it would really be about! I was also not sure how long I would keep blogging or if anyone would want to read it! I just knew I was ready to be brave and try something new!

Now with 95 posts, 8,700 views, and about 50 subscribers plus several more regular viewers …I am encouraged to keep going! I have met new blogger friends, laughed more, and celebrated life! I am always on the hunt for “blog-worthy” content so it really makes me go places and try new things! Your comments have been so nice and motivate me to keep writing! Thank you everyone for your support and a special thanks to my family for taking pictures, editing, tasting my experiments, and being my biggest cheerleaders!

Happy Blogiversary
My first blog post on New Year’s Eve 2015


I plan to take a leap of faith in 2017 and Dream Big believing that the best is yet to come! I toasted the New Year with a pomegranate champagne cocktail link to recipe here.

 Happy Blogiversary

If you have not subscribed to my blog yet, what are you waiting for? LOL!  To celebrate my Blogiversary, I am giving away a gift card to one of my favorite stores Banana Republic! So if you are already a subscriber you are good to go! If not, subscribe now for a chance to win! I will randomly select one lucky subscriber at the end of the month!

 Happy Blogiversary


I hope everyone has a safe and productive New Year! Don’t forget to eat your Black-Eyed Peas for good luck!

 Stay busy being fabulous,

Kery B.

16 thoughts on “Happy New Year and Happy Blogiversary To Me!

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog this year! After subscribing mid-year and enjoying reading it so much, I went back and read the posts that I’d missed! I’ve also used a few of your decorating ideas. It’s also wonderful to see your fashion posts because I can see what clothing ideas will look like on someone who looks like me, with “real woman” curves instead of the stick-thin and super tall clothing models. Thanks for your blog!! Happy Blogiversary!

    1. Thank you Rosa! I am so glad you enjoy the blog. I am having fun sharing and just being me! I really appreciate your comments and support 😊 Happy New Year!
      Kery B.

  2. Wows a year already. I have enjoyed every post. Keep being extraordinary and seeking things outside of the box. I love your style, insight, and recipes. Happy New Year.

  3. I just love your blogs. Thanks so much for sharing and keeping a smile on my face. I am keeping all of the blogs in my Kery Blog library! I can’t wait to see what is in store for us in 2017!

    1. Thank you Diane that is so sweet!! I really appreciate your support and all of your comments. Happy New Year 🙂
      Kery B.

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