Our Anniversary Getaway to New York City!

Just do it! That is what we decided to do twenty-four years ago when we “ran off” to the Virgin Islands and got married after six months of dating and we are still running off to new adventures today!
This time we decided to head to the Big Apple and extend a business trip into a weekend mini vacation.
Buckle up and enjoy the virtual ride!

Day One:
Red eye on Jet Blue

Looking tired and crazy but excited! Arrived in New York at 8:30 am Saturday morning. Quick change then off to the subway!

Beautiful Grand Central Station!

On the streets of New York!

I had to pose for a little NYC fashion street style!

The weather was perfect about 70 degrees with a crisp fall breeze!


The hubby had to stop and pose on the “Law and Order” steps of justice. It is his favorite show! I can just hear the theme song!

Next stop 9/11 Memorial


This amazing tribute to the lives lost on that day will leave you speechless.ย Here is a picture of the fountain outside the memorial with all the names of those lost inscribed on the ledge surrounding it.

Next stop a little retail therapy at the
amazing Westfield Mall across the street from the 9/11 Memorial -Beautiful!

Next Stop- Taxi to Highline!
An urban park that goes on for miles along an abandoned train track above the city. A sight to see!

Day One ended with dinner back at Cipriani Italian restaurant in Grand Central Station right next to our hotel at the Grand Hyatt on 42nd Street.

Day Two-Sunday
The play was amazing! ย Performed at the beautiful Rodgers Theater. The story, the music, the performances all live up to “the hype”!



My hubby was a history major so he was really excited to see and hear the historical events played out from such an interesting perspective. It was such a memorable way to spend our anniversary-priceless! The play is coming to Los Angeles next year, so check it out!

Day 3- Monday night
We ended our adventure with a quiet dinner at Benjamin’s Steakhouse, feeling very blessed to spend another year together.

Twenty-four years ago he literally swept me off my feet ( not sure if that would work today, LOL!)
Nowadays, we have a lot less hair, a few more pounds but a ton of fun together! I am so glad we decided to take a chance on love and just do it! Looking forward to our next adventure!

Stay busy being fabulous,
Kery B.

20 thoughts on “Our Anniversary Getaway to New York City!

  1. Wonderfully put together! Happy Anniversary to you guys!What a great example of Perseverance and Love! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. You two look wonderful after 24 years together. I’m so glad you have each other. You were meant to be together. I wish you 24 more!

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