MEcation to the Museum!

Mecation to the Museum

MEcation to the Museum
Artist Jeff Koons- Balloon Dog

I finally made it to The Broad! A few weeks ago I took a day off for a MEcation (a vacation all by myself). I originally planned to go on a weekend with the hubby. However, tickets for the weekend were booked for months. So I decided to take advantage of a weekday opening and head to the museum on my own! As much as I loved planning playdates for the kids when they were little and date nights with the hubby now that I am a empty nester; I love to plan “ME” dates! As busy women we often put ourselves last on the list of priorities. I think it is very important to put yourself first on the list sometimes. There is nothing like taking a day to yourself to do just what you want to do!

Here’s how to plan a fabulous MEcation day:

  1. Make reservations! It is very important to plan ahead. The Broad museum is free. However, if you don’t reserve tickets, you may have to stand in line for hours especially on the weekends. So reserve your tickets online well in advance or if it is a weekday you may score a same day ticket if you start really early like I did! I also made reservations for the Otium restaurant for lunch. It is the new featured restaurant for the museum. I have included my review of the restaurant in this post!
Me-cation to the museum
The standby line to enter the museum

2. Pick a cute and comfortable outfit! You want to feel fabulous but you have to be comfortable! Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and travel light! I opted for an easy wear dress, layered with a light sweater and scarf. I added my small colorful cross body bag from Kate Spade and my very comfy ballet flats.

Me-cation to the museum

3. Take your time and enjoy the view! When you step off the elevator to the main gallery floor you are greeted with this amazing art piece.

Artist-Jeff Koons Tulips
Artist-Jeff Koons Tulips

I don’t want to share too much so you can go see for yourself but if you like comtemperary art you will enjoy this museum.  From a sculpture of Michael Jackson and his monkey Bubbles to an art piece of an 8 foot lady in a pink suit, there is something for everyone!

I was so excited to see one of the featured artist is Kara Walker. Her work is so amazing! The way she uses silhouette drawings to address the horrors of slavery is shocking and thought provoking.

Artist-Kara Walker

4. Have a great lunch!


Otium is a contemporary restaurant that recently opened right next to The Broad. The structure of the restaurant is beautiful! It is designed to be a social restaurant with an open kitchen featuring indoor and outdoor spaces.


The menu includes rustic dishes with fresh ingredients from their garden and handmade pastas rolled right in front of you!


I had the fusilli pasta with fresh parmesan, basil, and tomatoes. It was delicious! Pricing is moderate and the atmosphere is sleek and upbeat. I enjoyed the eclectic mix of contemporary design with old school rap music playing in the background.


I would describe the scene as laid back, stylish, with an artsy flair. Even the customers have a cool artsy style. Checkout the tennis shoes on the lady sitting next to me… so cool! I would definitely recommend this restaurant. You can checkout the website, here.

ME-cation to the museum

5. Just relax!

After walking all day at the museum, don’t forget to take time to kick up your feet and just relax. Sometimes the best part of the day is doing nothing!



I hope you enjoyed my MEcation to the museum.  Even if going to the museum is not your idea of fun, be sure to plan a day doing what makes you happy. Sometimes doing things alone can be the best. You don’t have to make any compromises, wait for someone else, or spend a lot of money. Just a little time for you can make all the difference.

Stay busy being fabulous,

Kery B.





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  1. We are so fortunate to have such a wide array of art museums to enjoy in So Cal. I have yet to visit the Broad, however I have wandered the contemporary art at LACMA. It left me scratching my head 🙂 Your lunch looks delicious. I’m glad you enjoyed your day!

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