How to get your husband to serve you breakfast in bed!

How to get your husband to serve you breakfast in bed!

how to get your husband to serve you breakfast in bed
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When I wrote my post on How to date your husband, who knew it would be my most popular post yet! However, there was one problem, several of you commented on how it may be hard to get the hubbies to do any of the suggestions! So I decided to do a follow up post on how to get your husband to do just about anything. Now, this is a longer post because this is tricky business! So grab a cup of tea and lean in!

Are you ready for the secret to get your husband to do just about anything?? Even serve you breakfast in bed?? Well, here is the answer… are you ready?? The secret is, drumroll… serve him breakfast in bed! Yep! Sounds simple but it is true. It goes back to the basics- Treat others the way you want to be treated, even in a marriage.

Now, I am not a marriage counselor. However, my old psychology degree and over twenty years of marriage have taught me a few tricks of the trade, LOL! If you want someone to treat you a certain way…show him how it is done!

If you want him to serve you breakfast in bed, try surprising him on a Sunday morning with his favorite breakfast or just bacon and eggs with a nice cup of coffee. He will be shocked, happy, and it will be a great start to the day. Then over the next few weeks, have a cup of coffee and a muffin ready. He will just smile, LOL. Then one Sunday morning, sleep in and let him know you are tired and would really love some breakfast. BAM! Watch that man head to the kitchen and bring you a nice breakfast treat!

Still not sold?? Okay, if you want a shoulder massage after a long day of work, give him a nice massage the next time he comes home from work. Follow up the next week with another massage and a listening ear. Then, the next time you come home from work, let him know that your neck is really sore after a stressful day. He will instinctively reach out and give you that neck massage and you will have a big smile and a relaxed neck!

Still shaking your head??? Okay, so you want him to take you to a play. However, you know he thinks they are boring. Surprise him with tickets to a baseball game! Now, you have to go with him! Head to the stadium and enjoy Facebook , I mean the game. In a few weeks, let him know that the play you have been dying to see is in town. Ask him if he would go with you. That man will pause and think, then he will say, “Yeah, alright!” because he remembers how you sat through that whole ball game.

In administrative leadership, we call it leading by example or leadership from within instead of top down. Don’t ask someone to do something you wouldn’t do. People respect those who are willing to give of themselves and are usually more than willing to return the favor. On Facebook, a few people have shared a chart with the difference between a boss and a leader

How to get your husband to serve you breakfast in bed
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It made me think about how this also applies to marriage. If you aren’t careful, marriage can become more like being roommates instead of soulmates! Here is what I think:

How to get your husband to serve you breakfast in bed

My point is, marriage is a give and take. It is a partnership and if you are willing to compromise sometimes and work together, you may end up having a lot of fun! While it doesn’t happen overnight, if he’s a pretty nice guy, he will get the hint and come around to something you want to do!

Well, this is how you get a man to do just about anything you want! Now try it out and just wait for that delicious Eggo waffle drenched in syrup, extra crispy turkey bacon, and over scrambled eggs all served on a paper plate-(My breakfast in bed meal from my hubby on Sunday, LOL!) Remember, it is the thought that counts and you are soulmates not roommates or inmates, so get out there and go have some fun together!

Stay busy being fabulous,

Kery B.

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  1. Awesome good stuff Kery. I love good tips to keep the spark. Marriage is sanctioned by God and He rejoices when married people show love to one another. Keep Him at the center of your marriage everyone.

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