Simple Backyard Decor

Time to spruce up my backyard with simple backyard decor! One of the best things about spring is watching the flowers bloom and lazy days in the backyard. Every spring I look forward to brightening up my outdoor patio furniture with a few new pillows or other decorative touches.  It is amazing how a few pillows or a rug can make an old space look new again.

simple backyard decor

backyard flowers

I have had the same patio set for years.  All I do is change the cushions, pillows, and add a few accents. You won’t believe where a got this patio set…. Albertsons grocery store! Yep, right on top of the freezer section, LOL! I think all four pieces were about two hundred dollars.  I loaded it into the back of my truck with the groceries… now that is one stop shopping!

simple backyard decor

simple backyard decor

I found the cushions, pillows, blue accent table, and “Gone Fishing” sign at Home Goods.  The rug and tray are from Target. One really cool item I added last year is my heat lamp. It is electric so you just plug it into a regular outdoor outlet.  No need for a propane tank! I got it from Home Depot online. Check out a similar one here.  The lamp does not have a far range of heat. However, it feels good when you are sitting right under it.

Backyard table setting

I also enjoy entertaining and dining al fresco! This is a table setting I did for my book club last summer. It was really fun to set a “formal” table and enjoy the summer weather. All of the dishes are made of shatterproof melamine for outdoor use and the glasses are acrylic, perfect for outdoor dining. I found all of the dishes, sign, and tablecloth at Home Goods!

Another simple way to add to your backyard decor is to put up a string of lights. They really make a big difference and make it easy to entertain in your backyard at night.  I got my lights from Target.

backyard lights

simple backyard decor

Well, this is how I make twelve year old patio furniture look new again.  So the next time you are at the grocery store, checkout the seasonal and freezer section. You never know…there may be a cool patio set just waiting for you!

Stay busy being fabulous,

-Kery B.






11 thoughts on “Simple Backyard Decor

  1. Lovely springy bright fun outdoor decor. It checks all of the cuteness boxes. I love it Kery. The inspiration continues. 😊

  2. Kery I’m looking forward to spending an evening on all that cute revamped patio decor, because we know you know how to do it right!

  3. I love it…fabulous! I so appreciate all of your ideas. Sounds like fun too! I am keeping all of your blogs so I can reference back!

    Thanks Kery B!!!

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