My New LUSH Crush!

I am excited about my new LUSH crush!

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my daughter came home briefly for Spring break and let me know that I was sleeping again! In other words, I was missing out! A few months ago I shared that I was “sleep” on Sugar Scrub Sundays-see post here, now apparently I have been missing out on Lush-homemade cosmetics store! Have you been to a Lush Store before? I passed by the store in the mall many times but never stopped in. This time we decided to stop by…OMG! What a great experience! They took me on a tour of all their bath products and cosmetics! Everything is made by hand with natural ingredients.

photo by h-heterochromia-Tumblr

I tried a shower jelly and a really good hand lotion. There are so many products in the store. However, I could not resist buying these cute Easter inspired items.



The golden egg is actually a bath bomb made with seaweed not glitter. It makes your bath bubbly and gold! The “carrots” are also bath bombs that will last for several bubble baths. Then there is my favorite the 93,000 Miles shower jelly. It is designed to sooth tired muscles and  leave your skin refreshed and clean. It has cinnamon, eucalyptus and mint…so relaxing.

They are also coming out with natural hair products for kinky curly hair soon. Can’t wait to try them.

Add a little chocolate to my purchases and I have the perfect Easter basket! Now, I just need to find time to take a bubble bath!IMG_4477-2


If you have a chance checkout the Lush website here. The store is really cool with great customer service! You can also order online. I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss a post!

Stay busy being fabulous,

-Kery B.

12 thoughts on “My New LUSH Crush!

  1. I love LUSH! They have a recycle program just like MAC, if you bring back 6 containers you get a free full size product.
    I love the body butters! Yummy

  2. Yes Keri funny about a month ago I went in the store for the first time with the girls. Customer service is awesome there and I love how they walk you through everything. I have not used anything there that I haven’t love. Enjoy and happy Easter

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