Time to Reflect on your Vision!

Are you focused on your vision? How are those New Year’s resolutions going?  If you are like me, it has been up and down. Well, now is the time to reflect on your vision!FullSizeRender-1

This year, I did not make resolutions but, I did make a vision board and I committed to being “brave” and trying new things.


To read more about my vision board click here.  I think it is important to make goals and revisit them often. March is a great time to reflect on your vision. During a workshop I attended a couple of years ago, we worked with a partner and shared our goals/vision for the year. After sharing our vision and dreams, which was surprisingly easier to do with a stranger than with family and friends,  we committed to supporting each other throughout the year. You could call or text with a few words of encouragement or a little nudge to stay focused on our vision if we got off track.  To this day, I still keep up with my vision partner through text messages. We remind each other of our “word for the year” and encourage each other to keep going.


When I started this blog a few months ago, I thought I was just doing it for fun to challenge myself and be “brave”. However, as I write this post late at night, I realize that it is not just about me or being brave. It has really become about encouraging others to be brave and inspiring folks to take a risk.  Even if you are older and you think you can’t start something new, just do it!  I believe that God has a purpose for all of us and we all have gifts. It is never too late to be your best self. I hope this blog post inspires you to stay focused on your vision and step out on faith.

-Stay busy being fabulous,

-Kery B.

7 thoughts on “Time to Reflect on your Vision!

  1. You continue to inspire me! I’m going to make a vision board soon and I’m going to encourage my family members to do the same. Thank you for your inspiration!

  2. Love this post! The center of my vision board says “it’s never too late” and I have a picture of that as my phone’s wallpaper as well. Constant reminder to always work on me!

  3. Thank you for this post. I feel like you are talking to me, but I know I’m not the only one whose heart, mind, and soul that you are touching.

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