My New LUSH Crush!

I am excited about my new LUSH crush!

photo by phillyfashionista

my daughter came home briefly for Spring break and let me know that I was sleeping again! In other words, I was missing out! A few months ago I shared that I was “sleep” on Sugar Scrub Sundays-see post here, now apparently I have been missing out on Lush-homemade cosmetics store! Have you been to a Lush Store before? I passed by the store in the mall many times but never stopped in. This time we decided to stop by…OMG! What a great experience! They took me on a tour of all their bath products and cosmetics! Everything is made by hand with natural ingredients. Continue reading

Tea and Brunch Cake with Friends

I love tea and brunch cake!


Years ago I purchased this book called Tea with Friends, it is a cute little book that gives teas, recipes, and entertaining ideas for every month. I love tea and, of course, a little something sweet to go with a cup of tea is perfect!  Recently, a couple of girlfriends and I got together for a little brunch. Debbie supplied the tea and I brought this delicious Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble Brunch Cake. I found the recipe on a blog called She has such cute party ideas and fun recipes. I wanted to share the recipe for this brunch cake, it was light and easy to make! Here is all you need: Continue reading

Fabulous Recipes-Kery’s Kitchen

I love finding good recipes! When you are busy and you finally find the time to go to the grocery store and cook…. it better be good! So over the years, I have collected a few good recipes and I am always on the hunt for new ones. Some of my best recipes come from my family, friends, good old cookbooks, and now the internet just makes it so easy. In my post on How To Host A Book Club, I shared some amazing pictures of my friend Debbie’s fabulous meal. I said I would share her great recipes…so here they are!


Continue reading